What You Need To Know About Non Chemical Foods?

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Organic food has quickly become an extremely popular option among the masses at the moment. It does not seem to dying any time soon and for good reason. Research conducted in the area has shown that natural and organic products are much better in quality when compared to traditional food.

 But for someone delving in to the topic for the first time it can be quite an overwhelming experience as there are hundreds of reliable online organic shop in Singapore,  a larger number of organic food brands and organic skin brands,  the benefits they offer vary and the myths and claims that surround the industry can add even more confusion.

 To start with, organic refers to the method of how the plants are grown and processed. This means the plants must be grown with no involvement of pesticides, fertilizers that contain petrol and should not be modified in any way. When it comes to organic meat, the feed given to the animals must be organic and they must not be given any hormone injections and other related external products.

 Organic food comes with a number of benefits. They are known to have much needed nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that helps the body. They make a great option for those who suffer from adverse reactions to preservatives as organic food does not contain such chemicals. The number of pesticides found in organic food is also greatly lower and generally are fresher too. This does not necessarily mean that organic food contains no pesticides. It is a common misassumption; organic farms do make use of pesticides but where they differ is that while traditional farms use chemical pesticides, organic farms make use of natural pesticides. Natural pesticides are considered to be less harmful than chemical ones,  but studies have shown that a few types of them can cause damage to a person’s body but it is guaranteed that the amount of pesticides you are exposed to will be lesser when compared to conventional types.

 Non chemical food are generally more expensive when compared with traditional types of food. The reason that organic food is much more expensive is that since the farmers do not take advantage of chemicals and pesticides, there is more work and labor that needs to be carried out. Even getting the required permits and certificates to run the business are quite costly and when it comes to livestock, the organic feed required for the livestock is almost two times the price of usual feed.  There is also the fact that organic farms usually operate on a smaller basis which means higher fixed costs that need to settled by selling a lower quantity of product.