The Rapport With Your Employees

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When you are the owner of business, it becomes very important that you have a good relationship with all of your employees. Because when you first start off as a small startup business, you tend to know the other person who is working with you. Because most of the time it will be just you and maybe another one or two people at the initial stages. And then as you gain some success and the clients start to pour in, you realize that the work load is getting bogged, and you need to hire more people in order to make sure the work load is handled in a much better way. Even at this point you tend to know your employees pretty well. Because there is only handful of people working under you. But the real trouble starts when you have to keep on expanding your business and the employee count just continues to grow. Because as a boss there is only so much you can do with the time that you have on your hands.

And you can’t definitely spend this time trying to talk to each and every employee who works under you, especially if there are like a hundred or so people working under you. Well then what can you do to show your employees that their boss actually cares about them. If you can’t have personal employee engagement Singapore, how do you get the message across to them that you are concerned about their wellbeing and how they are performing in their work? Because what happens inside of most companies is that the employees feel that they are an insignificant part of the team. They feel like their contribution doesn’t matter at all in the bigger picture of things. Simply because their boss doesn’t have the time to talk to them.

So how do you go about solving this issue? How do you go about sending this message across toy your employees? Well one thing you can do is to start up corporate wellness programs. Where you can try to address the different issues that the employees are having and try and sot them out. Because by doing this, you employees will understand that you at least care about them enough to be considerate about their problems and that fact that you are taking a step to try and sort out the issues.

And this is why it’s important that you maintain a good rapport with your employees, even though you can’t do it a t a personal level each time, there are still many ways that you can makes them feel valued.