Serious Digestive Conditions That Are Treatable

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Digestive disorders are very common and can affect anybody. Not even kids are exempt from these sneaky conditions that can really creep up on you if you happen to be careless enough. However, while most people tend to suffer in silence for fear of getting diagnosed with something chronic, the right measure to take will be to get yourself the correct treatment. Here are some of the most common yet serious digestive tract issues that you must never ignore.

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is another condition that falls into the category of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and can sometimes be misleading. Because of the fact that it has so much in common with Crohn’s it can easily be diagnosed as that or because of the bloody stools, it can even warrant false alarms of colorectal cancer. The truth is that when your immune system starts to mistakenly identify food as harmful foreign matter sores and ulcers will begin to form on the stomach lining. Therefore, if you feel like you have bloating and gas, painful bowel movements and cramps along with blood in your stools go and see your doctor. Treatment is available readily.

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s belongs to the category of Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD. Just like in the case of IBS, the causes for the condition is unknown but doctors do think that your family genes and history has a big role to play in you inheriting this condition. It can be painful and take you to the doctor with abdominal pain, cramps, weight loss, fever and rectal bleeding, the latest which can be misdiagnosed as needing Haemorrhoid surgery Singapore. However, the treatment patterns established for Crohn’s consists of topical pain relieving medications, immunosuppresses and sometimes as a dire measure operations.


GERD is a condition that happens when the stomach acid that should be in your stomach, comes up your esophagus giving you a burning feeling in the middle of your chest, or heartburn. If you feel like you experience this symptom commonly each month and that you find it hard to breathe and swallow along with pain in your upper abdomen, your best bet is to visit the doctor to get some treatment. The acid reflux feeling will happen after eating commonly o during the night time. The condition is easily treatable with antacids and other medications and only a few cases will need invasive operations. These are three of the more serious condition that one can encounter in relation to their digestive tract that can be treated easily and well.