Mistakes To Avoid During Any Interview

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Finally getting asked to come in for an interview can be very exciting. Especially if this happens after a long term redundancy period. However assuming that you have got everything correct in the application process and your resume as well, it is still no guarantee that you will also go on to get the contract. For any given position, there are sometimes hundreds of resumes coming in out of which at least twenty will be shortlisted. Even if it is you and one other person who make it to the end, you have competition with that one other person. Here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid at any interview if you are to better the chances of you getting hired.

Not preparing enough

Often, many candidates that apply for positions through an job search app in Singapore or the likes, only read the profile that has been provided on the site itself about the company that they intend to work for? Is this really enough? You need to do a bit more research on the companies that you have applied with. One of the most common questions that any recruiter will start off a conversation with is “are you familiar with what we do?” and if you say yes, they will likely expect you to elaborate on the same. If you answer no, it just shows that you have no real interest in the position or the organization.

Not carrying a resume with you

Just because your resume is on the job portal app, it does not mean that you should walk in for your interview without a printed copy of it. Some positions like creative director, writer, designer etc., will need you to carry in easily accessible copies of your full portfolio as well. Make sure you go in prepared. Letting your recruiters know that you neglected to bring in the correct documentation is reason enough for them to dismiss your resume.

Not being punctual

When you are first given a call or sent an email to come in for an interview, check with your calendar and see if it is free. If not, don’t wait till the last minute and call the recruiters right away. More often than not the HR team will reschedule the interview for a time that fits both parties and will respect the fact that you bothered to tell them on time. When you are going in, make sure that you are present at least fifteen minutes before the time of the interview. This will give you time to get over your nerves and get used to the surroundings as well. If you get caught in a road block or an accident is causing a massive jam, call and let the recruiters know that you might be late. Always leave early so that you can avoid all these issues because punctuality is a must.