Is There A Need To Actually Pay To Send And Receive An Email?

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Technological advancements have taken over our lives and are actually dictating terms to us. They basically control how we go about our day to day activities. From contacting one another to meeting deadlines to attending events, they play a role in everything that we do. For example we no longer have to meet the individual in person for us to see them and talk to them, we can simply video call. You have an important file that needs to be on your boss’s desk before a certain time, you don’t need to run haywire to get to your office on time, you just need to email the soft copy of the document to your boss and he will be happy enough. So when so many facilities are available to us, that too for free why do we want to go and pay money for some of these services.

Emails and What They DoIf you are looking to create an email id of your own and you are looking for an perfect email service provider in Singapore, you top choices as a first timer will be the free service providers out there like Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. Because these people allow you to get an email address for yourself at no cost whatsoever. So there is no doubt that most people have started shifting from their original service providers to these free services that they can make use of. So most of us would have thought that email hosting is a business that has lost its place in the market. Because people a rot going to go back to it now that they have this free service at their disposal. But we are mistaken in our thoughts.

Email hosting services are a big boost to businesses. Because normally when you make use of this free email hosting what happens is that you get an email address that looks like this ‘’’’. And this can be a bit demeaning for businesses and companies, when they are trying to portray a look of importance. It can lead to serious damage to your brand name and down market the company. Whereas with email hosting where you have to pay for it you will get an email address that does not have the service providers name on it. It will be only your company name that appears on it.

This is the reason why this business is still in the market and still running successfully. Because companies want to create an image in the industry and they don’t to make themselves look cheap by going for a free service provider.