How To Plan Your Own Wedding?

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Planning a wedding is a mammoth task regardless of the amount of people invited and the size of the venue as most people view marriage and a wedding as a once in a lifetime event and they want to look their best on the day and organize a very fun day of celebration for their guests.

If you’re somebody who is hoping to plan their own wedding without hiring the help of an events company in Singapore or wedding planner, there is a lot of tasks and chores that you need to tick off during the months leading up to the wedding.

However, if you do not have any prior knowledge about planning events and organizing events of large scale, you will definitely need a little bit of help so the information listed down below will definitely be of value to you.

Announce the news

If your mother and father hear about the news of the wedding from your best friend, they will most likely be a little hurt and disappointed so first and foremost, announce the big news to all of your closest family and friends instead of beginning the planning process by yourself.

If you announce the news as you begin the process of planning the wedding, you will be offered lots and lots of help from all of your friends and family and you will start to doubt the fact that you even thought about hiring the same company your office uses to organize corporate events to take over the planning process when you have such great family and friends to lend a hand.

Talk about the budget

Different individuals have different lifestyles and the type of wedding they can afford also depends on factors such as job security and other lifestyle factors so have an in depth sit down conversation with your fiancé about the matter and come to an agreement about the amount of money that will be allocated towards the wedding planning so that it will be much easier to hire services and venues that fall within the price range.

Pick a venue

Once the first bits of the wedding planning process is done and dusted with, it will come time to pick a venue and this should be done at least seven or eight months before the date of the wedding if you want to ensure that the venue will stay vacant for your use on the day of your wedding.

Before settling on the first venue that you look at, look at a few different venues and take the best pick because you will not get the chance to go back and change the venue once you have paid a down payment and reserved the venue.