Events And Photography – What You Need

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What are the reasons to include a photo booth at your corporate event? Find out below!

  • Break the tension! – A photo booth is basically the easiest way to break the ice during the early moments of a corporate event. If the guests are not mutually known to each other, you can definitely expect some awkward mumbling and people standing around until the event starts, but with the use of a photo booth, you can allow your guests to get to know each other. Whether it is taking quirky photos with props or a GIF photo booth rental Singapore, you can count on the photos (as well as the act of taking photos) to act as a perfect conversation starter!
  • The guestbook – all photobooths today come with a personalized guest book, sometimes manned by a special employee of the company in charge of the photo booth, where the guests can add their thoughts about the day together with a photo from the booth. Before this idea, the traditional guest book was often limited to guests scrawling whatever came to their mind – which sometimes, was not much at all – but thanks to the photos, the text can serve as a caption and allow you to find more varied statements from guests.
  • Souvenirs – every event ends with giveaways or gifts for the guests to keep as souvenirs of the event. Whilst you can certainly give away corporate gift baskets and other items related to your business, you can also include a couple of photos as part of the souvenir package. Since the photo booths are free and instantly give out a physical copy, you can be sure that the guests will love the idea. Not to add, you can hand out empty key rings at the start of the event, so that the guests may insert any one photo of their preference into the key ring later on.
  • Social promotion – since all your guests will be using the photo booth, the booth is a very opportune chance at social promotion for all businesses. The backdrop at corporate events will almost certainly feature the sponsors and the companies related to the event, and since the photos will definitely be shared across social media (together with their thoughts about the lovely event!), the photo booth is also a wonderful way to promote your business activities. Not to add, the company can also use the photos as a way to communicate with customers by uploading them to their social media profiles, and if you are smart enough, the photos can also double as a business opportunity: for example, you can add coupons as a frame to the photos, which may be used to get discounts upon purchase of products or services.