How To Plan A Comedy Show

In this day and age comedy shows is one of the most popular entertainment options that are currently available on the market therefore when planning it one should be meticulous in order to ensure a smoothly run event. However, when organizing such an event one should keep in mind that there are several factors that they should take into consideration because a poorly organized event would not create the ambience for a humorous night. Hence, in order to assist these readers, the following article will proceed to explore some helpful planning tips.

Create a Budget

Before making any decisions it is crucial for the organizer to create a budget. This should be the very first step of the planning process because all the other decisions would depend on the budget created. For instance the venue, the emcee, other entertainment etc. would all depend on the budget.


When selecting a venue for a comedy show many individuals may think that any location would be appropriate but that is not true. Instead, one should strive to look for a room that would possess the capability to reverberate the sound around the room this means not only should the sound of laughter and applause be reverberated but so should the words spoken by the comedians and the event female emcee Singapore. Thus one should attempt to search for a location with low ceilings. Furthermore, if your show contains novice comedians who are just starting out then in order to attract an audience and to get people talking one should strive to locate a unique venue.


This is another crucial element required to host a successful show. Therefore one should make sure that there are at least two powerful spotlights directed at the stage in order to keep the focus on the comedian on the stage. Furthermore, one should make sure to dim the lights when the show is about to start as it would indicate to the audience that the show is about to start. However, one should make sure not to completely switch off the lights because this would make it difficult for the audience to find their seats and would create chaos and confusion right before the show is about to start.

We understand that the future of these comedians lies on your hand and that you are in need of the profits of this show. However, one should not make this planning process an overwhelming task instead one should strive to follow the aforementioned guide one can make this process both enjoyable and hassle-free.

How To Help Your Child Improve In The English Language

Parents want nothing but the best for their children. They want their child to learn English from a young age. Parents perceive the English language so important because they believe that in the future the child will be able to position themselves beyond average in globalised world. If not for the parents’ encouragement and belief in their child, the child will not be able to succeed. So what can parents do to support their children to improve the language?


Learn the language yourself

Children are quite a handful. They will imitate their parents as they go along in life. If parents want their children to improve their English, parents can learn the language themselves. Based on your knowledge of the language you can choose between beginner and intermediate English course available for all ages.


Many households use the native language even during the times of play. As a parent, you must encourage the child to play the same games he or she plays in English just as they would play in their native language. This will help them to fluent English speaking course Malaysia as they play along.

 Bedtime stories

Many young children love to have their parents read them bedtime stories. There are many bedtime story books available with illustrations which are visuals for the child. As the language is simple, repetitive and includes various features of the English language such as rhyming the child will be interested in the story as well as learn new vocabulary. You can even play an audiobook of bedtime stories. 

 Background Music

Whether it is in your household or when you are travelling with your kids in your vehicle, have an English radio channel or a collection of appropriate English songs playing for your child. Not only will they sing along but they will also pick up pronunciation and new words along the way. Nursery rhymes are entertaining to sing along to and you can see how much fun children have with the word play in them.

 Learning from mistakes

When your child makes a mistake, point it out and correct them then and there. This is important so that they will not repeat the same grammatical or pronunciation errors. Children take times to process, decipher and find patterns in languages.

 Children’s movies

One of the biggest English teaching channels is children’s movies. The language is simple for any child to understand and you will notice that they will use phrases from movies imitating their favourite character.

 As a parent you should be confident of your parenting abilities and continue to encourage your child to involve themselves in activities where they will develop their English language.